What is açaí?

Grown in clusters on palm trees found in South American rainforests, açaí berries are around one inch in diameter and have a deep purple skin. Around 80% of the berry is made up of the seed while the skin and flesh make up the other 20% which includes plenty of vitamins and other nutrients.

For centuries the açaí berry has been a staple food for communities living near and around the Amazon River delta. Traditionally açaí berries are handpicked and then soaked in water to soften the flesh and skin in order remove it from the seed inside. The flesh of the berry is then 'mashed' to a dark purple paste and is often enjoyed with fish, meats or as a soup as part of a daily diet by these communities.

Açai is now enjoyed across the world as bowls and smoothies topped with a variety of fresh fruits.
Take a look at our delicious recipes for ideas and inspiration of how you can enjoy açai.

What does açaí taste like?

Açaí berries have a naturally sweet, smooth and milky taste that’s often compared to a combination of blueberries and chocolate. Hugely refreshing and moreish, the taste of açaí is enhanced even further with the addition of fresh fruits and berries.

How is açaí pronounced?

Açaí is pronounced “ah-sigh-ee”.
It may be a little tricky at first but you'll soon get the hang of it!

How much açaí do I need for a bowl?

You only need one 100g sachet of Acai Life Premium Frozen açaí to make a bowl or smoothie for one person to enjoy. You can purchase bags of 10 or 20 sachets and make Acai Life part of your daily diet.

Can I refreeze frozen açaí?

The açaí will arrive to you in a liquid-like cold state (do not expect it to be fully frozen).

For best results: put your açaí in the freezer as soon as you receive it and keep your açaí frozen until preparing to eat it.

How long before my delivery arrives?

You will be able to select your delivery date and time at checkout to ensure your delivery arrives at a time and date that suits you best.

What do I do if I'm not going to be home when my delivery is due to arrive?

At checkout, please specify a safe space or neighbour where our courier (DPD) can leave your parcel. Feel free to contact us at info@acailife.com if you have any queries about your order.

How does my delivery stay frozen?

We pack our frozen açaí alongside ice bags to ensure your package stays cold for hours if you are not at home for delivery. We use an ambient courier to deliver the açaí within 24hours of your delivery date.

How to make a Blueberry Burst Açai smoothie

Summon yourself up a super smoothie.
Our short video will show you how.